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We are the largest location-based VR Network.

HOLOGATE is the world’s most successful and trusted solutions provider for out-of-home Virtual Reality entertainment.

Hologate Clients include Family Entertainment Centers, Trampoline Parks, Karting Raceways, Laser Tag Arenas, Theme Parks, Arcades, Hotels, Cinemas, Malls, Aquariums, Cruise Ships, Zoos, Restaurants, Planetariums, Resorts, Museums, Casinos and many more.

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Entertainment centres worldwide are competing with in-home entertainment options and need to provide memorable experiences that get people off the couch and into their venue. We provide high-fidelity immersive entertainment that blows players’ minds, is incredibly easy to operate, and perfectly fits as the game-changing attraction for a new generation of players and entertainment operators. The future of entertainment is finally here!

Here are a few reasons why we’re the most installed, most played, and most trusted VR systems provider on the planet!

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Never losing sight of the importance of quality, ease of use, durability, player throughput as well as safety and hygiene standards, our German engineered products are backed by exceptional service and support. Our immersive gateways transport millions of players every year into worlds that previously only existed in dreams or the most fantastical science fiction movies.

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Amaze Guests and Crush In-Home Entertainment!

Virtual Reality is the hottest topic in the family entertainment industry right now, as it gets people off the couch and into your space. HOLOGATE ARENA is the most successful turnkey multiplayer VR system in the world. It perfectly fits the bill as the game-changing attraction in entertainment centres around the world. With the HOLOGATE ARENA, you are transported into the immersive world of virtual reality, where you will fight robots, zombies, and dragons or even challenge each other in heart-pounding virtual dance battles.

Turnkey Solution

All-inclusive. Hardware, games, advanced backend and analytics.

Compact Design

Up to 4 players effortlessly play within a small footprint of 25m² / 270 ft².

Social Multiplayer

Cooperative and competitive gaming with built-in communication.

Wide demographic

Our diverse games are fun for everyone of all ages and skill levels.

Future Proofed

Modular upgrades, rugged design, outstanding service and support keep you operational 24/7

Easy Operation

Intuitive interface and system operation make for effortless management by a single attendant.

Hygienic Design

Inherent socially-distanced design and world-class hygiene and safety standards

Immersive Experience

High-end VR headsets, haptic vests, and controllers create out-of-this-world immersion

Future Proofed

Attract Customers with our responsive lighting package and up to 10 screens displaying live gameplay, scores, and videos

High Performance

State-of-the-art software and hardware to power our games for the ultimate in next-gen virtual reality.

Robust Construction 

We use premium, German engineered structural components and purpose-built hardware designed for long-lasting durability

Touchscreen Interface

Easy-to-use operator controls featuring game selection, setup options, and backend analytics.

Our high-end turnkey systems perfectly integrate with family entertainment centers, cinemas, bowling alleys, escape rooms, karting raceways, laser tag arenas, trampoline centers, climbing centers, shopping malls, cruise ships, theme parks, hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos, and any other location that wants to upgrade with the latest immersive technology.

4 player system – 5×5 m / 17×17 ft + 2.80 m / 9.5 ft vertical clearance, 4x 10A fused power lines, grounded connection, plus internet connection for support, system, and game deployment updates.

2 player system – 5×2.5 m / 17×8.5 ft + 2.80 m / 9.5 ft vertical clearance, 2x 10 A fused power lines, grounded connection, plus internet connection for support, system, and game deployment updates.

Following the installation, attendants must be present for training.

Please contact us for more Information on 8 player systems.

Our intuitive software, touchscreen interface, charging rack, and video tutorial library is easy to use, allowing a single attendant to fully operate the system and the ability to attend to other attractions or tasks.

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